Scrappy Log Cabin Blocks

Donation Quilt Projects

We have listened to the generous spirit of our customers who would like to contribute somehow in a sewing project for folks in need of a quilt.  Kelly leads a Donation Day each month where our customers come sew for a few hours on quilt projects for youth in the Eugene Looking Glass Program.  Young people graduating out of foster care programs usually leave with very little and have to enter the adult world and create their own household.  Sometimes a quilt is just the thing to help make it a home.

Not everyone can attend our Donation Day on the third Thursday of the month but would still like to contribute.  We’ve come up with a way you can do that without committing to sewing an entire quilt or making a huge investment of time.  We’d like to put out a call for block contributions for a donation quilt.

Kelly will assemble the blocks with her sew group to make a finished quilt, or quilts, depending on how many she receives. Provided below are the instructions for cutting and sewing or you can pick up a copy of the pattern in the store.  This is a fine one for using scraps and only requires a 2” square and some 1 ½” strips in lights and darks.  Make as many as you like.  Make some for yourself!  Heck, you may even want to make an entire quilt once you get into it.  We ask that you drop your blocks off at the store by April 30. We may have a new project after this one if there is a strong response.

Thank you quilters for being so willing to give!  We are lucky to be part of this wonderful community of caring crafters.

Scrappy Log Cabin Donation Project

Our quilt uses sets of four units in similar colors. Make just a single unit or as many as you like!  Your backgrounds should be scraps of lights, not just a single fabric.  You may throw in a rogue strip of a contrasting color somewhere in one or two of your units. 

Block cutting and sewing:

Cut your pieces for each unit at the sizes indicated on the diagram above. Cut a few random odd colors to insert for added interest. These are the sizes to CUT. Each piece will finish ¼” smaller on each side for units that finish at 6 ½” square in the quilt when it is sewn together. Your unfinished unit that you turn in should measure 7” square.

Start by adding a 2” light to the side of the colored center square. Then add a 3” long light to the top of the first pair. Then add a 3” long colored log to the side of the building unit. Continue adding log strips, following the diagram until the unit is complete.

If your units come out a little smaller as often happens when sewing so many seams, double check your scant ¼” seam allowance. Press carefully after each seam is sewn and make sure there are no pleats or folds along the stitching. If it is still coming out too small, spritz your block with Best Press or spray starch, let it penetrate for a minute, then gently ease out the block on your ironing board. Measure and pin your block to the pressing surface in a few places, easing out to desired finished size, then press. You can often resize a block in this manner than has lost its original dimension from the elevation of seams.

Scrappy Log Cabin Throw  52” x 65”

20 blocks 13 ½” x 13 ½” unfinished (4 units each 7” unfinished)


Fabric requirements:

Gray/Light = 10 – 12 quarter yards or fat quarters OR assortment of scraps

  • about 55 – 60 strips 1 ½” x 42” OR
  • 100 – 120 strips 1 ½” x 21”

Colored scraps for unit centers = 80 squares 2” x 2”

Colored scraps for logs = About 40 – 45 strips 1 ½” x 42”

  • about 10-12 strips 1.5” x 42” each of 4 different color families OR
  • about 20-24 strips 1.5” x 21” each of 4 different color families

Random odd color logs = assorted scrap strips 1 ½” wide


Cut following the diagram above and assemble into units.  Make 80 units, 20 sets of 4 units in similar colors.

Sew four units together of similar colors to create blocks. Make 20 blocks 13 ½” x 13 ½”.

Arrange blocks into five rows of four and sew together. Quilt will finish at approximately 52” x 65”.